Suicide Squad Review


Hey so today I went and saw the new DC film, Suicide Squad.

Honestly, it was okay… I guess. It could have been better. Okay, it could have been a lot better.

But who am I to judge films and film makers?

Oh right, I make films. So. There’s that.

First of all, let me talk about back stories. Backstories are pretty vital when it comes to the art of film making. If you think about it, film making is literally story telling. So, having a character that isn’t face value and actually has any depth whatsoever requires some sort of backstory.

In Suicide squad, the backstory for most, if not all, was shallow, at best. One girl, Katana, literally had like no backstory. One of the characters just barely mentioned some husband that died and had his soul trapped in the sword that she now used.

How do you just mention something like that? Just throw that out there, sure, the audience will understand. Also, the fact that her sword freaking traps souls is mentioned. Barely. Girl has a magic sword that literally traps your soul in it when she kills you and it’s not even a big deal.

Which brings me to my next point, I feel like whoever made this movie tried to stuff as much crap into it as possible. Which is okay with me if they’re able to pull it off. In this case though, I don’t think they really did.

Loose characters were thrown in in random scenes. It didn’t really make much sense to have so many characters fighting for the audience’s attention.

Between the Joker and Harley Quinn, Deadshot and his daughter, El Diablo and his quest for peace, Katana and her stupid sword, some guy who is a Crocodile, and many, many, more, the movie is just too full.

And to think I haven’t even begun to talk about the main villain, this witch thing and her brother. Not much was explained about them, but apparently some cave explorer broke a vase-thing in some ruins in Mexico, and the spirit of a witch was inside.

Sound crazy?

Sound as crazy as a sword that traps souls?

I think the thing that made the movie crash was just over exposure. That and just way way too much being thrown on the crowd.

Now with the Joker. Heath Ledgers joker was incredible. The way he put himself into the part, bringing the joker to life was amazing.

Now with this new joker, it’s a bit different. I feel like it’s a little forced. The laughter, the way he treats Harley, it just doesn’t really stack up to the old Joker.

Maybe the movie wasn’t meant to be dissected, just enjoyed for what it was. But who knows, maybe it’s just not a great movie.

All in all, though, the newly released Suicide Squad wasn’t a complete failure, but it wasn’t a huge success.

Regardless of what I think, you should go out and watch it, and see what you think for yourself.

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