About Adrian

adrian tourist
How’s it going? Welcome to my blog. My name is Adrian and I run a consulting company that consults with tourism departments of foreign countries. Our purpose is to help other countries develop their eco-tourism industries.

Eco-tourism has become a big thing in the past decade or so. Many countries around the world lack experiencing in developing eco-tourism industries, but they are rich with locations that make perfect eco-tourism venues.

I have an interest in helping other countries—especially underdeveloped ones–bring in revenue via this avenue. I also have an interest in finding awesome places for people to go to explore their world and deepen their appreciation for the beauty and variety that it contains.

Probably this desire comes out of my own compulsion to explore the world and find all those cool, hidden places that are off the beaten track. And probably this desire comes out of my childhood and young adulthood, when my parents did work that took them all over the planet to cool, hidden places off the beaten track.

My folks were ornithologists (bird freaks). Both of them. They were researchers in the field, and they were always being sent by one university or another, or one government department or another, or one association or another, to the farthest parts of the earth to research birds.

They looked for birds thought to be extinct. They looked for birds considered endangered. They looked for birds with particular traits that some scientist wanted to know about for some obscure reason or another.

Sometimes they got assignments from National Geographic or the Audubon Society or the like and this involved accompanying a party of researchers or a writer/photographer team. They’d take these teams and groups into the wilds of New Guinea rainforest or the Colombian grasslands or Himalayan valleys. They’d find the birds and then chill out while the other people did their thing.

They did this work for years and years. I came along and they just took me with them on their trips. When I got to be school age, I took classes through a virtual school with my parents as coaches. When I got older I went to boarding schools in various countries while my parents did their work.

So that’s my background. The moving around and exploring, and the continual association with people who were doing the same thing, cut a groove in my mind, I think. It was a groove that said—it’s normal to do this, and it’s good, and it’s enriching.

So as an adult I’ve been naturally drawn to fields and studies and vocations that align with that groove. In some cases, I’ve had to invent my own vocations, like the one I’m in now. Going to other countries and looking around for awesome places that can be shared with the world is right down my alley.

So anyway, this blog is mostly about my business—both the consulting side of it and the eco-tourism side of it. I think you will enjoy the posts. It’s an interesting business and industry.

Please do comment or otherwise engage in the blogs. I like to know my readers and I like to learn from others out there!